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hello y'all!

Welcome to my site! I'm Cory (they/he), a Liverpool-based actor and creative originally from Denver, CO, USA. I'm a 2022 graduate of The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (BA Hons. Acting)  and am represented by Amber Personal Management. I am also a playwright, singer, dancer, poet, creator-of-theatre-in-all-forms and will take any opportunity to make some silly little trinkets.

The performing arts, and theatre, in particular, are incredibly close to my heart. Being a performer is central to my identity, but just as important as my love for the stage, I am also a proud transmasculine individual. I am incredibly passionate about using theatre to enlighten and educate, as well as entertain. I aim to tell stories that center and uplift trans truths as well as be a part of mainstream theatre that craves representation from the trans community. I didn't know of any transgender actors when I was growing up, and I want to show the next generation of trans kids that there is a place for them onstage, onscreen, and in the world.

Corey Sapienza - shot 1 10x8.jpg

contact me!

+44 07546 908855 

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