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for those who've yet to feel it.

I wrote and directed for those who've yet to feel it. in response to the fact that the overwhelming majority of queer theatre is focused on the struggles and obstacles that queer people face rather than the joy that comes in living one’s queer truth. Experiencing the privilege of making theatre in a room of exclusively other LGBTQ+ creatives was nothing short of wonderful, and I hope to expand for those who've yet to feel it. into something even bigger and more exciting.

If you are interested in reading the script or would like more information, please get in touch.

photography by Isa Grace - lighting design by Tom Maries - stage managed by Phil Clack


camp brave trails

All year, I look forward to my time spent at Camp Brave Trails, a leadership camp for LGBTQ+ youth. I had the privilege to attend Brave Trails as a camper for five years, and in summer 2021 I finally was able to achieve my longtime goal of returning as a staff member and leading the theatre program, followed by introducing a musical theatre program to the Maryland campus in summer 2022! Brave Trails is the most magical place on Earth, and being able to volunteer there is a great honor. I hope to not only spend many future summers at Brave Trails, but to continue mentoring and educating queer youth year round, especially through the performing arts.

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